Thursday, September 28, 2006

Marketing Geniuses

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We were driving in three lanes of traffic when from the back we heard, “That’s a lovely truck.”

Me: “What truck Cole?”

Cole: (age 3—can’t yet read) “That Wal-Mart truck.”

Guess Wal-Mart has the branding thing down.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Glimpses Of God In Hazel And Blue

Ashley, Cole and Jonathan
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I was in Uzbekistan. My friends and I were seated on the floor at a low table enjoying a traditional Uzbek meal with a Muslim family. The atmosphere was warm and inviting; the food was amazing.

As we sat and talked, our conversation drifted toward the meanings of our names. After learning the name “Beth” means “House of God”, our sweet hostess looked at me intently and said, “I understand why that is your name. I can see Him in your eyes.” That is the single greatest compliment I have ever received.

Speaking of names, maybe you’ve noticed the change in mine. There are a few reasons . . .

1) If you google “hasz blahs” it questions whether or not you really meant to type “hezbolah”—yikes!

2) Though I have always thought of “blah, blah, blah” to mean something like “talk, talk, talk”, my husband thinks of it more like “bummer, bummer, bummer”, “boring, boring, boring”, or worse yet, “stupid, stupid, stupid”—oh great!

3) I have been told in this day and age, one should not be so liberal with personal information—probably true.

Not wanting a familiar association with the likes of terrorists, depression , boredom, stupidity or danger . . . I decided it was time for something new.

Hazel and Blue are the colors of my kids’ eyes. I love their beautiful eyes; I see God there. When you join me here, hopefully you’ll see glimpses too.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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Today Jonathan is 8.

I find it hard to write about this sweet and wonderful son . . . I fear you’ll think I’m bragging. Jonathan is the kind of son every mother dreams of.

I was telling a sweet Jonathan story over dinner one night with some friends, when my friend Mitch—better known as Stolmit in these parts—leaned in close to my face and asked, “Could he be the Christ?” Though it makes me laugh out loud ever time I think of it, it is that sole memory which keeps my rantings about my sweet son’s virtues in check.

But, it is his birthday . . . so let me summarize my little darling with a peek into his world.

At the end of the year parent/teacher conference David and I went to in May, his teacher started the session with, “Well, your son is perfect—he makes perfect grades, he academically ranked highest among his peers, and even tested in some areas at a sixth grade level. He is sensitive and kind—never gets in trouble. Everybody loves him. Let me repeat . . . your son is perfect!”

Though occasionally even Jonathan displays behavior giving evidence to the fall, we do agree this child is pretty special. With a tender heart for the things of God and genuine love for people, he brings joy to the world is so many ways. We often wonder what God's plans are for him.

But today he is 8 . . . so he will eat cake, open his presents, play with his siblings, and laugh at his favorite tivo-ed shows, “Leave it to Beaver” and “Andy Griffith”.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We love you! You bless us, and the world, far more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

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Cole: Mom, can I go outside and play on the tire swing?

Me: Not right now, Cole. There is no one to watch you.

Cole: Mom, God is going to watch me!

Monday, September 18, 2006

So Cool . . . If You’re In The Fifth Grade

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Ashley came home from school the other day proclaiming she had sprained her wrist in gym class. Chalk it up to my vast experience at mothering—eleven years, I knew exactly where this conversation was heading.

While pregnant with Nicholas, I woke up one morning with pain in one of my wrists. My doctor diagnosed it as tendonitis which can be common in pregnancy. I wore a simple wrist brace for a couple of days, and the pain was gone.

Knowing that wrist brace was doing absolutely no one any good in our medicine closet—Ashley wore it to school . . . along with the glasses she has not yet discarded.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Better Than A Paycheck

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Little “rewards” that come your way when you finally give up on your kids actually cleaning their rooms in a way that resembles clean, and just do it yourself . . .

• You find a first place blue ribbon your seven-year old won in a poetry contest last May—who knew?!

• You find an odd looking 2x3 picture of a grown man under your child’s bed. Knowing it’s not a relative, you have a panic attack that a pedophile has befriended your little one . . . only to discover it is actually a picture of Grover Cleveland—22nd and 24th President of the United States. You learn the Baby Ruth candy bar was named after his daughter who was nicknamed “Baby Ruth”.

• You find your daughter’s $400 retainer she lost something like a month ago.

• You find one of your son’s, required for school or you get a uniform demerit, belts. You are quite glad about this because all four of his belts are missing, and he had to wear his little brother’s very small belt this morning.

• You get the satisfaction of seeing what those cute little rooms are suppose to look like after all the time and money you spent decorating them.

• You are reminded once again this season of life will one-day be long gone . . . and you’ll wish with all your heart you had a few messy rooms to clean instead of just the memories.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Cole and his magazine
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Maybe I erred.

I was sorting the mail, listening to messages on the machine, and holding the baby all at the same time. Cole was standing on a step stool, quite close to my face, trying to ask me something . . . so it just seemed like a good time to hand him the catalog that had just arrived in my mail pile—JC Penney’s Christmas Big Gift Book. Ironically, I even had to show him a few pictures in it before he took me up on my, “Hey Cole, you wanna look at this magazine?”

That was yesterday. He hasn’t put it down since. He watches TV with it, holds it while playing with other toys, takes it to the bathroom, and even sleeps with it. I have lost count on how many things he now wants for his birthday and Christmas . . . oops!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Cole, Ashley and Jonathan
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A few random phases overheard at our dinner table last night—I’ve rated them for your reading convenience.

Cole: (age 3) “I’m not going to college.”*

Jonathan: (age 7) I decided I don’t want to be a doctor anymore . . . I want to be a salesman.”**

Ashley: (age 11) I’m going to get a tattoo.”***

*Very bad moment
**Very, very bad moment
***Very, very, really bad moment

Monday, September 11, 2006

Super Hero Wannabe

Super Hero Wannabe
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Cole had just finished watching “Toy Story” when he informed me he intends to be Buzz Lightyear when he grows up.

I’ve never actually watched that movie. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sentimental Moments

David and Cole
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David: “Cole, I’ve got a secret to tell you.” Whispering in his ear, “I love you!”

Cole: “Dad, I’ve got a secret to tell you.” Whispering in his ear, “I love Chick-Fil-A!”

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sweet Jonathan

Jonathan and Cole
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Our son Jonathan has been a bit of a mystery to us since the day he was born. He is kindhearted and tender—always concerned about the feelings of others.

The other day when he, David and Ashley were bringing in groceries from the van, all of a sudden Cole was laying on the living room floor crying as if his heart would break. The cause: There were no more groceries to be carried in—and Cole so loves to help.

Jonathan, with no coaching from us, took an empty grocery bag and put some lightweight groceries in it, and then quietly placed it back in the van.

Jonathan informed Cole that indeed there were more groceries to be brought in. Cole then happily did his share of bringing in the groceries and went on his merry way.

Sweet Jonathan—no need for fanfare, recognition or praise . . . he is simply always finding ways to be a blessing to others.