Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bits of My Weekend-Volume 4

Our lives have been so very full lately. This past weekend Ashley finished up a week at Teen Mania’s Extreme Camp and then Jonathan took off for a week at Sky Ranch’s Be*Volution Camp. I’m getting so good at the laundry-pack-unpack-laundry routine.

This is a sweet little guy who was with us for a couple of weeks. Over the weekend we said our goodbyes. Our house feels so empty without him . . . but he is now with family and that’s a good thing.

We celebrated Father’s Day quite late as David was in California for a wedding on the actual day. Ashley (being at camp) missed the celebration. As the kids get older it’s harder and harder to all be at the same place at the same time.

David missed his birthday to boot . . . so on Saturday we celebrated at my sister’s in-laws’ house . . . always such fun.

Oh and one really great tip I discovered over the weekend: If your kids are begging for a bucket of army men (after seeing Toy Story 3), it’s $15 at Walmart. But if you go just two aisles over you can purchase a far better set of army men for $3 . . . it just doesn’t say “Toy Story 3” on the label. : )

It feels to me like the summer is flying by . . . so nice to capture a few bits of it here. Be sure and check out more bits at my good friend, Michelle’s.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bits of My Weekend-Volume 3

Over the weekend we started off by finishing up all the lengthy paperwork for The Bair Foundation and are now once again licensed to be foster parents. We are so excited to re-embark on this adventure and help kids in need.

Friday night we attended the grand finale of Cowboy Camp at Grammy and Grandad's house. We got to enjoy lots of fun songs, skits, awards and even the reciting of Psalm 16 by the entire group—what an amazing accomplishment!

This is a picture of Nicholas with Grammy and Grandad when we were dropping off the other kids. It very accurately depicts his feelings about the "you have to be 6" rule to stay . . . so sad!

It also happened to be my birthday, so we finished the evening with cake, gifts and the like.

We ended the fun of the weekend by playing putt-putt . . . which in actuality it was way too hot to be playing putt-putt, so we ended it a little early to once again bask in the wonder of air conditioning.

Be sure and read up on more bits at Six in the City!

Special Note to anyone who notices:
I wrote this on June 6 but just realized I hadn't published it today (June 29th). Life got crazy for the next two weeks as we took in a little guy de-toxing from cocaine . . . my apologies.