Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Won't You Join Me?

Lately I’ve been hanging out on websites that make me sad—the persecuted church around the world is overwhelmingly large; the children of the world so needy, abused, exploited and alone.

Possibly the saddest picture floating in my head this week is this one. Oh what I wouldn't give to be her mom and treat her like the princess she was born to be. Today as I sorted mounds of laundry I prayed for her. Though I’ve never met her personally and don’t even know her name, I just can’t forget those sad little eyes trapped in a prison she only knows as her life.

I also prayed for the pastor I read about earlier this morning. As I jumped from one site to another following an email I had received, I couldn’t help the tears that flowed for these fellow believers in the hands of tyranny. In-between applying Spray and Wash and loading darks, God gave me an idea. I’ve decided to dedicate my “laundry time” to lifting up children in need and those suffering around the world for the sake of Christ.

Inside these walls of my more than comfortable home, God has inspired me with a way to touch the lives of children who are orphaned, abused or exploited and Christians suffering in horrendous prison cells enduring hunger, torture, and separation from loved ones. With a mounted bulletin board just in front of my washing machine, I’ve placed pictures and articles of people I want to be praying for. Knowing most of my readers are moms like me, doing loads of laundry every week, I wonder if you might like to join me in your own laundry rooms. Somehow it’s like redeeming the time for a cause far bigger than making sure our kids have clean clothes to wear.

Here are some links to help us get started:
Orphans First
Open Doors
Compass Direct News

Please leave a comment if you’re joining—I’d like to add tiny profile pictures of you along the top border of my bulletin board reminding me I’m not alone in this small endeavor.

Though most of us can’t physically do anything to help these ones in need, we can lift them up to the One who can.