Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spreading Joy

The other day I was shopping in the mall and pushing Nicholas in his stroller. While walking through a beautiful display of draperies we noticed a lady sitting behind a desk where you place custom orders. She looked rather stressed and I think her day was going south.

Just as we were passing, her countance changed very suddenly and she started laughing outloud . . . my son was the culprit.

Though I couldn’t see his face because I was behind him, she said he was making the best pirate face at her.

Oh that boy!

He gets his pirate faces from that Veggies Tale movie . . . so glad he was able to bring some laughter to her day.

He does that to me all the time.


Jen said...

What a cutie pie! That would bring a smile to my face for sure! I'm sure the rest of her day went a little bit better. Its amazing what a smile can do for someone thats having a bad day.....or in your case......a pirate face! :o)

Heidi Jo said...

God uses the most innocent of creation to bless the most complicated!

love it!

Just Mom said...

My son used to say, "Ahoy there, ladies!"

Nicholas is a cutie. :-D

Sohailah said...

how sweet! I love it!