Monday, August 30, 2010

Bits of My Weekend-Volume 9

We had such an awesome weekend!

David organized several babysitters and kid transporters to enable us to go to a Christian conference in McKinney over the weekend. I have seen David Herzog on Godtv as well as several episodes of Sid Roth. His meetings are WILD!

Wasn’t sure I could get David to go with me, but with a little bribing he gave in. He would agree with me—we were both so glad we went. It was amazing! Some typical things that happen at his meetings are healings, gold fillings, and supernatural weight loss. All of those things happened in our midst . . . as well as awesome worship and great teaching. Very fun to be a part of it all.

This was the view from the really great hotel we stayed in. Maybe I'm a dork but I just loved the quaint rooftops and church steeple.

For the record I have only twice stayed at a hotel where I loved the mattress more than the one we sleep on at home. I asked at the front desk what kind of mattresses they were, but all the girl could tell me was that it was a pillowtop Serta. Knowing there is a huge range of pillowtop Sertas, I should have just pulled up the mattress and looked for myself. She did mention that they get that question all the time. Que serra serra.

It was just a meeting on Friday night and another on Saturday night, so we had all day Saturday just to have fun in Dallas . . . and we did!

We had lunch at a great little Chinese place—truly it’s my goal in life to figure out how to make really great Chinese food. It’s my absolute favorite . . . and healthy!

We hit a great furniture store, did some outlet shopping, got my hair cut and even had time for a pedicure. Fun, fun, fun.

We didn’t get back until 2:00am Sunday morning and still got up for the early service . . . so we were totally wiped out. Our new babysitters kind of missed the bedtime goals and both Cole and Jonathan were up until 11:30!! So following the service and a quick lunch at Chili's, we all took an afternoon nap! (except for Ashley)

Sunday evening we gave Ashley her first taste of driving down the driveway. This is a picture of her in all her elation.

And this is a picture of the passengers in the back.

Drama, drama, drama.


Sohailah said...

Wow! Fun! Supernatural weight loss!? I haven't heard of that. That must be a trip to see happen!

Lisa H said...

So glad you had such a great weekend! Sounds like a blast.

Love the pictures of Ashley driving and the passengers...hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great weekend!

Oh I remember that same face and feeling that David is wearing, bawhahahahaha! It resurfaced with all three girls!

michelle said...

I so enjoyed Dallas get away weekends. I must admit I saw your facebook post about reading all DH's books and I googled his site and books...I love your recommends!

Looks and sounds like fun!

Marybeth said...

I love the driving picture! So sorry we missed the meetings! Sounds very exciting!

Just Mom said...

That last photo totally made me crack up!

Sounds like a great weekend.

Stephanie Cunnyngham said...

Oh the new babysitters, eh? I sure do miss your kids. Sounds like a great weekend, funny pictures :-)