Thursday, September 02, 2010

That's What I'm Talkin' About!

So who needs to hire some cleaning help with this little guy around?

I didn’t actually take this picture . . . Jonathan caught him in the act and couldn’t resist.

Nicholas loves to help out.


Lisa H said...

He even cleans without being asked??? That's awesome! What a little cutie. :)

Danielle said...

oh my goodness...I love it! By the you have any good suggestions on organics? I have been waffling on going ALL organic (it's just so expensive!) but it seems so much better for you. I thought with all of your research you would probably have some good insight. Do you guys do all organics or partial?

Sohailah said...

that is delightful! love that Jonathan loved it, too!

Beth said...

Danielle, we try to go organic . . . because of where we live it's not as readily available as in other places. I do think it's worth it and try to buy organic when I have a choice.

I also try to do the natural cleaners—Method products are my favorite! They work well and smell so nice. You can really smell the chemicals in other cleaners once you switch. I just kind of ponied up and bought lots of the Method products for all of our bathrooms and now I just have to replace one or two every so often. Hope that helps. : )

Just Mom said...


Are you kidding me???? That's awesome!

heidi grooms said...

Love the faces of all the kids on the water slide!! priceless! And kuddos for giving in to the dog... Jonathan is the one holding back on a pet...until he is ready Elijah will just have to settle for his pet worms in the garden. P.S. I heard David is doing ESOAL!! I will be praying for him this week!!!