Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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Today Jonathan is 8.

I find it hard to write about this sweet and wonderful son . . . I fear you’ll think I’m bragging. Jonathan is the kind of son every mother dreams of.

I was telling a sweet Jonathan story over dinner one night with some friends, when my friend Mitch—better known as Stolmit in these parts—leaned in close to my face and asked, “Could he be the Christ?” Though it makes me laugh out loud ever time I think of it, it is that sole memory which keeps my rantings about my sweet son’s virtues in check.

But, it is his birthday . . . so let me summarize my little darling with a peek into his world.

At the end of the year parent/teacher conference David and I went to in May, his teacher started the session with, “Well, your son is perfect—he makes perfect grades, he academically ranked highest among his peers, and even tested in some areas at a sixth grade level. He is sensitive and kind—never gets in trouble. Everybody loves him. Let me repeat . . . your son is perfect!”

Though occasionally even Jonathan displays behavior giving evidence to the fall, we do agree this child is pretty special. With a tender heart for the things of God and genuine love for people, he brings joy to the world is so many ways. We often wonder what God's plans are for him.

But today he is 8 . . . so he will eat cake, open his presents, play with his siblings, and laugh at his favorite tivo-ed shows, “Leave it to Beaver” and “Andy Griffith”.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We love you! You bless us, and the world, far more than you will ever know.


Shanygne said...

I really think Jonathan and Emily were cute from the same cloth...

I always wonder over why kids aren't more like her, and then I my best friend commented on how everyone else's kids are totally normal, and Emily is just special... I have to concur.

I'm thinking: your perfect child, my perfect child... they are so close in age (less than a month!)... perfect setup!

michelle franzen said...

So sweet. I am sad I have not been able to get to know Jonathan. He sounds like such a sweetheart. He is a cutie too!

Will David make it home for the b-day party? Praying for have much more of an "excuse", having a newborn, to be tired than I!

I enjoyed your 2nd "stop by" too! Isn't Mitch a hoot?!

Danielle said...

I think Jonathan is a testament to good parenting. Everyone knows the Hasz's are great parents! I'm praying that we can be such consistant parents (and that one day our little girl will marry a product of a similar family!! I hear it's never to early to start praying for this?!)

LUsry said...

Beth...I totally agree that Jonathan is perfect:) He is so sweet...I still love him soo much! It's definitely okay to brag about him...every kid needs their parent rooting for them like Mom brags about me so much and it's quite embarrassing when she tells people right in front of me:) But, I think she believes in me like no one else. Same goes for you and Jonathan!
I hope he has a great day!

Molly said...

I cannot believe he is 8!! Wow. Really, 8? What a sweetheart. He must get that from you. : )

kelly said...

I agree...he is truly a sweet, sensitive, amazing child. I remember watching him as a baby, too upset to eat because the dishwasher was open. Once you closed it, he smiled and ate. He definitely has a love of order (which I can appreciate), a love of beauty and he notices the details. Not many males I know fit that description...he truly is unique and special!

Anonymous said...

I love this child! I think the reason he is so perfect is because I got to spend so much of his formative year with him :)

Lisa H said...

Beth, you write such sweet, heartfelt posts. I love reading them.

I have to agree, Jonathan is a great kid! He is always so attentive to my little guys when we are together. I really appreciate an 8 year old who will willingly play with a 3 year old....and even enjoy it!

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Hope you have a wonderful day!

michelle said...

Mitch's comment made me laugh out loud - too funny!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to be born with such a priceless spirit. God will use this in His own way to reach the hearts of many. I've always heard what a special child this little boy is. How very thankful you and David can be.
By the way, Lacy is right, mom's have bragging rights!

J-Lynn said...


Please give him a huge hug for me!!!

some of my favorite moments is bedtime and he needs his back scratched :-)

or when he tells me his best friend is the Holy Spirit!

and when he names all the presidents...

and the times he merges with Ashley in monopoly to beat me,

his laugh is constantly going through my mind!!!

oh, I love all you so much!!!

Kristen Lomasney said...

Hi Beth.., you don't know me... but I'm an HA alumni and good friends with Jon & Kelly. I just had to tell you that I LOVE reading your stories. Your kids are SO cute! You have such a beautiful family. = )

Kristen Lomasney

karenkool said...

So... Jennah is ten! But you know how those two years make such little difference when you're older... maybe we have a match!?! hahaha. New Yorkers and midwesterners make a good combo--where are you from again?

Lisa H said...

Did you change the name of your blog? I don't remember the Hazel and Blue headline. Is there some significance to that? I like it!

Heidi said...

I still love reading you blog, Beth. :) We miss you and I'm so glad for the legacy you left and the blog legacy, too. :) :)
This post made me remember once when I was having a very hard time and I was at Teen Mania. I was babysitting Jonathan and Ashley and as I remember it we were walking one of the red dirt roads at TM and Jonathan burst out singing in the clearest, purest voice of a (2??) year old, "God is so good! God is so good! God is so good, He's so good to me...."
I remember thinking of that verse "the stones will cry out"-if mankind forgets God's goodness. That day I was reminded through the voice of a little baby boy. He makes me think of purity, Jonathan. :)