Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm thankful for so many things today . . . but here's just a few—quite random at that:

• I have very sweet boys—at pre-school all the kids got to pick a "treasure" from the treasure box. The teachers told me Nicholas was the only one who came back and told them "Thank-you" . . . so he got to pick a second "treasure" from the treasure box! So blessed my heart!

• One can't see into my kids' rooms from the downstairs . . . thank you God!

• My daughter has started doing her own laundry without me even asking her to . . . wow, that makes a huge difference!

• I have REALLY COOL friends and one of them was a singer with Silverwind back in the day. This weekend David and I are heading to the 30 Year Silverwind Reunion in Dallas and it's going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

Hope you all have fun as well!


Danielle said...

You really need to start posting parenting advice that we newbies can glean from! Your kids are so sweet!!

Tasha said...

I agree! Parenting advice would be most appreciated! :)

Just Mom said...

A sweet post in so many ways.

Sohailah said...

I LOVE this! Great picture - I LOVE that you are healthy and happy and that life is so full and rich and good for you and your family. You BLESS me!

Diana Watson said...

Love your blogs, Beth! Your children are as sweet & courageous as they are because of you & Dave (& Jesus, of course). Love the room comment, made me laugh. Ashley should be ready to come spend a summer with Aunt Diana next year & help w/our laundry & baby Kate. The beach is 5 minutes away. :) Silverwind reunion: I think I told Patti this, but they were one of my first Christian bands I listened to when Ron & Katie led me to the Lord in 1986. That 1st summer in Guatemala 1987 I sang "Go Tell the World" for our talent show. They blessed so many people. Love you guys, Diana

Anonymous said...

Wow, Nicholas looks just like David in that photo. I usually see you, but not this time.

You are blessed...Ashley is doing her own laudry?! My girls learned how when they moved away, my mistake in not teaching them sooner.

Lori said...

Great thankful post.
We have many blessings to be thankful for everyday - don't we

michelle said...

You are blessed and you are a blessing! Okay so I hate to ask but I have to...who is Silverwind? :)